When Ireland Starved: An Gorta Mór   Video Demos
  The Great Hunger: Irish Famine
James Vincent MuIlin, BA, M.Ed, MLS

Irish Famine Multimedia Presentation by Terry Ballard
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James Vincent MuIlin prepared the first state-approved Irish Famine Curriculum in the nation in 1996. He is a highly regarded Irish Scholar. You will find the Curriculum in PDF format below. You may view it and or print it out.
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Please download all 8 parts for complete Curriculum and all Units.

The Great Hunger

The Great Hunger Unit 1

The Great Hunger Unit 2

The Great Hunger Unit 3

The Great Hunger Unit 4

The Great Hunger Unit 5

The Great Hunger Unit 6

The Great Hunger Unit 7

Conversion of Irish Famine Curriculum: The Great Hunger was made with permission of it's creator by the Irish History DVD Project. A web html version is in process of being created.
We are honored to have him as a member.