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In Focus

Sean Mc Nulty
Multimedia Producer

What is your Irish Background?

"I come from a mixed background from both the so called Orange and Green.
I was very actively involved in the Irish Civil Rights struggle (NICRA).
I did not hold any important position in the movement. I tried not to stand
out because of my background and also being very tall.___ at 6’ 5 ½” tall I would make an easy target.
I was just one of many who believed it was the right thing to do.
My family on both sides has supported a free United Ireland ."

What started you interest in history?

"I have been involved in the Irish community in America since my arrival.
Being an Irish language, music, History enthusiast as well as an Irish Civil
Human Rights activist I traveled the country for many years tying to tell the whole story of Ireland to the people in America.
In addition to personally living through a great deal of history, my family has, like many passed down our history because it is part of what makes us who we are."

What is the Irish History Project?

"The Irish History DVD Project came about because there is not a complete and comprehensive telling of Ireland’s story.
At best, there are a few shows  around Saint Patrick’s Day in America but that is all.
Some  are not accurate and have at times been demeaning to the Irish People.
Our people have a long proud history both in Ireland and all over the world.
Our Project plans to do ten DVDs starting with Ireland’s Pre-History and go though each phase of Irish history to the current time. At least one DVD will concentrate on The Irish in America and their impact on Irish History."

How are you putting this together?

"We are in the process of obtaining documentary material from a large number of sources. These include but are not limited to: National archives in Ireland, America, and Britain; TV News footage and other documentary sources. Interviews with participants where possible is an added plus.
All of this costs money, which we intend to generate from membership dues, sponsorships and grants as well as donations.
Our group draws from all occupations. We have writers, historians, Musicians, Irish language enthusiasts, educators, journalists, filmmakers and producers and many people who just want the whole story of Ireland to be told.
We are American based and we think the non-profit approach will work best for our efforts.
Obtaining grants from public sources in the USA, Ireland and Britain will be made much easier.
We are in the process of trying to obtain Federal Non-Profit, Tax-exempt status.
So far our efforts have been warmly received across the board.
We are seeking Individual, Organization and Corporate sponsors for our project, which will get recognition on our Web site and on the DVD’s as much as possible.
In addition to funds, we need people to spread the word and help us locate additional resources."

Interview by Georgina Brennan ,

Irish Voice Newspaper


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